Acne Myths

The Most Popular Acne Myths – Busted!

When it comes to beating your acne, it seems as though everyone has their own specific advice. From changing your diet to washing your face three times a day, these popular treatments have permeated our society and remain some of the most popular methods for treating those stubborn zits. However, if you've been following these treatments in your own battle against acne, then you could be helping your acne live to fight another day!

cleansing face to clear acne

It's time to bust some of the most popular acne myths out there so you can finally take that first step towards beautifully smooth and clear skin.

Myth 1: Wash Several Times A Day.

If you have acne, you may think that washing your face several times a day will help in the fight against pimples. However, this has a counterintuitive effect, as your skin will start to produce excess oil to compensate for the dryness that excessive washing can cause. This excess oil production can cause more acne. So do yourself a favor by washing no more than twice a day; your newly clear skin will thank you for it!

Myth 2: The Sun Can Clear Up Your Skin.

tanning to clear up acne myth

Don't believe this popular myth for a second! While the sun may cause your pimples to disappear temporarily, the drying effect of excessive sun exposure will only increase the amount of acne that will appear on your face a few weeks later from excess oil production. Don't forget that too much sun exposure can also cause skin cancer – it's just not worth the risk to follow this popular skin myth!

popping zit myth

Myth 3: Popping a Zit Will Get Rid of It.

Popping that ugly whitehead sure looks tempting; but did you know that popping a pimple may only make things worse? That's right – when you squeeze a zit to pop it, you could actually push the contents of the clogged pore deeper into the skin, which then becomes harder to effectively treat. For the sake of your future clear skin, don't pop a zit or a pimple unless given instructions by your dermatologist. Additionally, popping a zit may lead to infection or cause scarring.

diet affecting acne myth

Myth 4: Your Diet Affects Your Skin.

Sure, eating a diet comprised exclusively of junk food isn't good for your skin and your body in general. But when it comes to directly influencing the appearance of acne, nothing could be further from the truth. Acne is formed as a result of the overproduction of sebum, which is an oil that the androgen hormone produces. Since hormones are not affected by your diet, this means that acne is not directly affected by what you eat. However, there's no doubt that your skin's vitality can be greatly improved by getting plenty of essential nutrients, so don't start living off of chocolate bars just yet.

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