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Nutritional Supplements That Promote Clear and Beautiful Skin

You may have heard that diet doesn’t directly influence the appearance of that crop of acne that’s holding your face hostage. If that’s the case, then how can nutritional supplements promote clear and beautiful skin?

While diet doesn’t directly cause a breakout, a poor diet can certainly cause your hormones to not function properly – and that is one of the many causes of acne in both adults and teens. While a proper diet will go a long way to promote normal hormone function, nutritional supplements can also work wonders for your skin. Here we examine some of the best nutritional supplements that you can take to get skin that’s clear, smooth and irresistibly touchable:

Zinc. Most dietary sources of zinc are from protein (meat, nuts, and legumes). Zinc can often be found in skincare products, and for good reason: this essential nutrient helps us battle inflammation, germs, and bacteria, which all promote the development of acne. Be sure to take a zinc supplement that’s combined with copper, as doses of zinc can reduce the amount of copper in our body. Take no more than 30mg a day, as large doses of zinc can be seriously harmful to your health (even fatal). It’s important to talk to your doctor or dermatologist before starting a course of zinc supplements to ensure that you’re taking the correct amount.

Vitamin A. Vitamin A can help get rid of those nasty acne scars that are left behind once the pimple has disappeared. High levels of Vitamin A are found in colorful vegetables like carrots, kale, and sweet potatoes, as well as liver and fortified milk and cereals. Vitamin A supplements are also readily available online or at a health-food store or pharmacy near you.

Vitamin E. Like Vitamin A, Vitamin E promotes the appearance of healthy and fresh skin, and can also fade acne scars when applied directly to the surface of the skin. Vitamin E supplements will also improve the appearance of your hair and nails, and offers the additional health benefit of being a powerful antioxidant. You can also find Vitamin E in foods, but other than fortified cereal, the highest sources of it are also high in fat (like oils and nuts).

Digestive Enzymes. Nutritional supplements that contain digestive enzymes such as lipase and protease will help your body to better break down fat, complex carbs and other important nutrients. Dietary sources include raw papaya and nuts. Since excessive oil can be produced in the skin when the body can’t efficiently break down foods, these enzymes will help you to finally get that clear and beautiful skin that you’ve been dreaming about.

Before taking a course of nutritional supplements, you may want to contact your doctor or health practitioner to get advice on what type and dosage you should take.

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