Sodium Sulfacetamide Sulfur
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In use since the mid 1950's, sodium sulfacetamide-sulfur (SSS) is used as a topical treatment of acne in lotions, creams, foams, and cleansers (e.g., Klaron®, Plexion®). A 2009 review of cases found that emollient foam containing 10% sodium sulfacetamide and 5% sulfur demonstrated the effectiveness of SSS in eliminating acne lesions. Moisturizing properties of the formulated foam are believed to reduce irritation and allow patients to continue retinoid treatment without irritation-related interruption, and this was corroborated with the cases reviewed.1

The same study also examined the use of SSS foam on large areas of skin (such as the back) and found it to be effective when combined with a benzoyl peroxide cleanser. The SSS foam was easier to use and was rapidly absorbed, making it especially convenient for applying to large areas of skin. In addition, the emollient foam had less of the offensive sulfur odor associated with the formulation—even without the use of potentially irritating fragrances.1

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