Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil: Nature's Ultimate Acne Treatment

Acne-Tea-Tree-OilIf you're looking for a natural way to treat your acne, then look no further than tea tree oil. Long promoted as a natural, effective anti-blemish treatment, there's no end to the list of benefits that tea tree oil can provide both your skin and your overall health. When applied as a topical treatment directly to the surface of your skin, tea tree oil has the ability to promote blemish-free skin and detoxify the surface of your skin. Your skin will have a healthy, youthful glow that will prompt your friends and family members to ask about your secret. Best of all, tea tree oil is a great acne treatment option for those sufferers who can't tolerate stronger medications like benzoyl peroxide.

Want more great news about tea tree oil and how it can aid you in the fight against stubborn acne? Here are some benefits that will have you picking up a few bottles at your nearest drug or health food store pronto!

It's A Natural Anti-Bacteria Treatment

Tea tree oil's bacteria-fighting properties help to eliminate bacteria, dirt and other pore-clogging radicals that are hanging around on your skin. In fact, tea tree oil is so effective at battling fungus and bacteria that soldiers in the Australian army put it in their first aid kits!

It's As Effective As Other Topical Medications

Plenty of studies have been done on the effectiveness of tea tree oil in the fight against acne, with all results pointing to its incredible restorative power. One study found that it's almost as powerful as benzoyl peroxide over the long term, but doesn't result in the negative side effects like redness, peeling and sensitivity to sunlight.

It Can Fade Acne Scars

Fighting acne is one thing; but what about the scars that remain once acne has faded? These annoying red marks can cause just as many self-esteem and confidence problems as acne itself! That's where tea tree oil comes in. Since it softens and soothes skin, scars take on a faded appearance and eventually disappear after consistent use. Additionally, tea tree oil can help promote the shedding of old skin cells, which gives new and fresh skin the chance to give your face a glowing and blemish-free appearance.

Since tea tree oil is so powerful, it is important to use it in a diluted form (the undiluted oil may cause irritation). Also, it should never be taken internally (even in a diluted form) as it can cause serious illness or death. Pregnant or nursing women should not use tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil can be found at any drugstore or natural supplement store, and should be applied sparingly on the afflicted area. Many anti-blemish products also count tea tree oil among their active ingredients, so be sure to note if any face washes or toners contain this wonderful treatment. After a few weeks of use, you'll have such beautiful and clear skin that you'll be the envy of your neighborhood, thanks to your all-natural secret blemish-fighting weapon!

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